Infection Control Statement

Each year we at The Mill update our infection control statement. It is vital to us as a health organisation to ensure that our patients not only receive excellent care, but that it is received in a place safe from the risk of infection. It is of the utmost important to us to keep our patients safe and regular reviews of our infection control practices helps us to maintain our high standards of care.

The Mill Medical Practice lead for infection control is Melisa Payne (Practice Nurse). She is supported by Dr Steve Simons (Partner GP), Louise Bowers (Assistant Practice Manager), and Cormac Hoare (IT and facilities co-ordinator).


Infection control and cleanliness is a primary concern for all staff working at The Mill. This is to ensure that patients, visitors and staff remain safe and protected at all times. Effective prevention and infection control is utilised daily and applied consistently by all members of staff.

This annual statement will be updated in February each year. It will consider the following areas.

  • Incidents that might involve transmission of infection and actions taken
  • Annual infection control audit and actions taken following this
  • Risk assessments and policies
  • Details of staff training
  • Infection control advice to patients

Transmission Of Infection

There have been no incidents of transmission of infection reported to date. Chronic infected wounds have been isolated and no transmission to other patients has occurred. This was achieved by following microbiology guidance, appropriate use of oral antibiotics and antimicrobial dressings. In addition to this, strict aseptic techniques are adhered to by medical staff, and cleaning and decontamination of work areas as per policy. Deep cleaning of rooms used by infected patients was undertaken by The Mill Medical Practice cleaning contractors to the appropriate, high standard.

Staff are aware of how to safely care for and treat a patient with possible ebola risk as per policy.


Two audits were carried out last year. One by patients to seek their views about the general cleanliness of the building and facilities. This was very positive and patients were happy with the general cleanliness of the building and facilities.

The second audit was carried out by Melisa Payne and Louise Bowers. This was to audit all clinical rooms to ensure they are maintained to a high standard of cleanliness and to check policies are being complied with. This audit showed a few minor areas which have since been addressed.

  • Sharps bins have been changed in GP rooms
  • Areas around sinks have been minimised by items to allow cleaning contractors to be able to clean to a high standard and also to reduce the risk of transmission of infection

Overall a high standard was seen in all rooms ensuring risk reduction of infection being transmitted.

Dr Simons continuously monitors his minor surgery procedures for post-operative complications, including infections. He has also audited the treatment room and equipment to ensure that cleanliness is maintained to the appropriate standard.

Risk Assessments And Policies

Risk assessments and policies are regularly updated to minimise the risk of infection and transmission to ensure the safety of patients, visitors and staff. Action and implementation has been carried out where necessary.

Cleaning Specifications And Frequency

The Mill has contracted cleaners which we closely monitor. Rooms are cleaned according to their usage/ purpose and cleaned appropriately as per policy. We have recently contracted new cleaners. Performance and standards are recorded.

All equipment used by medical staff is either single use or cleaned regularly after patient usage. Cleaning logs are recoded for many items of equipment that has a risk of transmission.


We encourage parents to bring in their own toys and books to entertain their own children where possible.


We have changed the clinical rooms on the ground floor to have disposable curtains. These are changed every 6 months or more frequently if marked. We are looking to change the curtains in the GPs consulting rooms this year.

Modesty blankets have been removed. All medical staff are to use disposable couch roll.

Staff Training

All staff are trained annually for prevention and control of infection in general practice. New staff are trained as part of their induction and then annually.

The infection control team meet regularly to ensure that we are providing the best practice in terms of infection control to patients, visitors and staff.


Patients who might pose a risk of transmitting infection to others are isolated in a designated isolation room on the ground floor when attending the surgery.

Full personal protective equipment is readily available to staff if required for possible transmittable infections such as ebola.

Patients have access to alcohol gel in all areas of the building to reduce the risk of transmission of infection.

Policies And Protocols

Protocols and policies are currently updated as advice changes and are distributed to all members of staff via emails or accessible on the practice computer system.